Personal Website for REA Licensed Salesperson

Build your local profile and personal brand to enhance your online Real Estate profile.

These websites are available to those members with active subscription based advertising with New Zealand Property to display your unique personal attributes and display your listings.

The unique features of these personal websites include the real time API feeds to automatically update and display your live active property listings and to also provide a record of your SOLD listings onto your personal website.

Websites have the one-off charge to build of $750-00 + GST and then incur the monthly hosting charge of $15-00 + GST per month.

Display Your Current Property Listings

Your personal website displays your current listings, displayed in the format as per the website.

Your personal brand enhanced with your agency branding to further build your online credibility.

With your subscription based advertising package being so affordable you can include property wanted ads as well as your listings for sale.

Your SOLD Listings

As your listings become SOLD they are removed from the live feed on New Zealand Property but the personal website provides this record of your SOLD achievements that remain in your personal website as a showcase of your successful sales to further build your local brand and credibility as a successful Real Estate Professional.


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